Special Offer: Living with FASD Recordings


As a parent of a child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), wouldn’t it be nice to get your hands on essential tips and ideas from experts with the latest research, without leaving the comfort of your home? And how reassuring would it be if those experts also happened to be parents of children with FASD themselves? Who knows better than people like you who walk in the same shoes you do!

To hear experts on FASD speak, you usually need to attend an FASD conference in person. However, now there is an easier way! In September, I attended an online conference called the Living With FASD 2013 Summit. 22 expert interviews were recorded so participants could listen from the comfort of their own home, on their own time. I can play these interviews on my computer, and I have downloaded the MP3 recordings of each interview onto my MP3 player. I also have transcripts of each interview.

I was able to attend several of the sessions live, which covered a wide variety of topics. Brenda Knight’s talk reminded me that I am not alone in the work I do with the children and youth who share our home. Erin Reimer, a former youth in care, shared her strategies for successfully living with FASD as an adult raising her own family. Erin gave me insight into the struggles and structure she and her husband have developed in order to succeed—that really helped me support our children with FASD who are now young adults trying to make it on their own. Dr. Clair Coles discussed important new research on teaching math for FASD. And Dr. Rod Densmore’s interview and questionnaire on caregiver stress was practical and enlightening because he, too, is a parent. There are many more interviews I plan to listen to in the months to come.

I encourage all those working in the child welfare field to make a point of listening to the 22 interviews in this Summit. There is a wealth of practical tips and immediately implementable strategies contained in these 25+ hours of MP3s and transcripts.

Normally this series is $97. The Canadian Foster Family Association has negotiated a 50% discount for our members and potential members, thus the price is only $48.50!

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To take advantage of this special offer:

Visit LivingWithFASD.com/cffa and enter this special coupon code at the checkout: LWF-CFFA

I know you will get a lot of value from this resource!

Sheila Durnford

Canadian Foster Family Association