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The CFFA is a registered charity and was established with a mandate to speak as a collective voice for foster families throughout the country. Our primary goal is to enhance the quality of care provided to children and youth in care across Canada. To accomplish this, the CFFA has representation from the Provinces and Territories and works with the Provincial and Territorial organizations.

The CFFA does not receive any funding at the Provincial/Territorial or Federal levels of government. Our funds come from membership fees, private donations, and fundraising initiatives.

This allows the CFFA to have the opportunity to develop relevant documents to assist and support foster families, lobby for and connect with foster families across the country, and have a strong voice at the National level.

We sincerely hope that you will make a donation to the CFFA to assist us in our work for the betterment of the fostering system throughout Canada for our children and youth.

For further information or to donate to the CFFA, please contact:

Kevin Harris

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